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homeownersCustomer satisfaction

2nd Home 4u very often has return customers, who adhere to our “good tenants” policy. That means that we generally find new tenants more quickly and that the tenants we have, share our values and respect for your property. Since we often have pending requests for accommodations, the waiting times for you are short, which reduces the vacant time of your property.

 „2nd Home 4u understands that as landlord you entrust your valuable asset to someone else.“


Transparant agreements

Managing the landlord / tenant relationship can be a daunting task, especially if you are an inexperienced landlord. 2nd Home 4u uses transparent agreements for the contract parties to prevent misunderstanding that stand in the way of a good relationship between you and your tenant. Having 2nd Home 4u as an intermediary allows you stay in control of managing your assets, while we handle the day-to-day affairs with your tenants. We evaluate the tenant’s situation and background to prevent unwanted persons renting your assets. We also act as your representative during negotiations with the tenants. We review the documentation the tenants provide and take in their questions for the landlord.

Our services for homeowners

We perform the following tasks:e

  • Intake of prospect tenants
  • Review proof of income or benefits of employer / employee (depending on who is the contract partner)
  • Reviewing personal information, references and credit check
  • Verifying employment history and references
  • Verifying references from a previous landlord (if available)


When the parties reach agreement, 2nd Home 4u prepares the contract that allows the tenant to enjoy the comfort of living in a quality home and feel secure that the quarters are available for the rental period. The landlord has peace of mind since the tenants have a clear understanding what is expected of them.


Repairs and issue management

For home owners who live abroad, it is not always possible or practical to rely on friends or family to manage their assets or even manage repair, maintenance and issues that may arise. The tenants expect all repairs, maintenance and issues to be managed effectively and professionally.

2ndhome4u can manage the repairs, maintenance and issues for you. Prior to this agreement we agree the plan budget, on what terms repairs and maintenance will be performed and the tolerances (thresholds). Prior to committing to repairs above the agreed threshold or before the maintenance plan budget is exceeded, the landlord receives a proposal for approval. Only after approval or a decision on an alternative solution from the landlord, any work can commence. This way we prevent unpleasant financial surprises.

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