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Expat services

Experience the comfort and safety


We understand the needs of an expat, who must work and live in a foreign country and upon arrival wants to get up and running as quickly as possible. The first impression of the house or apartment that is offered strongly influences the whole expat experience. For this reason we aim to make the expat, and their family, immediately feel at home. When a person relocates, they are immersed in a whole new living environment and different culture.

Enjoy your stay

Expats, families with children often prefer the middle class neighborhoods for the peace of mind the safe and secure public space provides. The presence of other families with shared values are attractive and helps to establish friendships easily and add a sense of camaraderie. Our professional staff’s main priority is to assure, from the accommodation perspective, a successful new start. That is how 2nd Home 4u distinguishes itself from mere “Housing Service” providers. Our staff ensure a smooth transition during the whole renting procedure and settling in. This enables the expat employee to focus on his / her new job, smoothly and stress-free, generating a healthy return on investment. The additional benefit of our accommodation services to you are savings on hotel costs and the class and comfort of 2nd home.

“2nd Home 4u accommodation services allow expat customers to enjoy their stay and provide the sound basis for a good work-life balance.”

Only the best properties

Whether you’re looking for a family house, a studio apartment , a one-bedroom flat in the vicinity of Amsterdam and or Flevoland, you’ll find the latest list of lettings properties on 2nd Home 4u.  You can also sign up for property alerts so you’re the first to hear about rental homes that match your search criteria. Accommodations for expats in the Netherlands are usually available within 24 hours.
When you are renting a home, whether as a corporate or private person, it is important for you to know what you can get for your budget and understand the implications of the rental agreement you are committing to. We inform you about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant so that you know what you may expect, what is expected from you and what rules to follow.

Our Services

  • Liaise with Facility and or Human Resource Department of corporate organizations or the expat directly regarding detailed housing requirements such as budget, location, minimum number of rooms, etc. to make the search process more effective and easy
  • Arrange for suitable service house or apartment for long or short-term stay if required
  • Provide a list of properties that meet the requirements
  • Plan the viewing itinerary
  • Arrange to drive the expat for their viewings
  • Familiarize the expat with the amenities such as supermarkets, schools, parks, etc.
  • Assist in negotiating the rental terms and conditions as per individual requirements
  • Advise on all necessary documents and procedures
  • Arrange for the connection of telephone, electrical, water and gas supplies
  • Assist in the takeover and handover of the premises and verification of the inventory
  • Liaise with the landlord for the tenant and attend to queries or issues where necessary
  • Upon expiry of the lease, assist in negotiating for a fresh lease or search for alternative accommodation

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