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Expat huisvesting Nederland

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The first introduction to your life as an expat in the Netherlands is often your housing agency. This introduction to expat housing Netherlands is vital for your overall experience of your stay in the Netherlands.

We are convinced that the best way to provide you any valuable expat housing Netherlands service is to put the way you choose to live your life in the center of our attention.

Your lifestyle rules our expats housing Netherlands plan. Depending of whether you are here as a business professional, project working or you live here with your family, 2ndhome’s expat housing Netherlands plan selects the house that fits with your lifestyle. We look at how you travel to work, how you spend your leisure time, how you want to keep fit and what outdoor activities interest you.


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Expat Housing Netherlands


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Expat Housing Netherlands


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Expat Housing Netherlands

When we embarked on our expat housing Netherlands plan we were surprised to find that there are so many ways to enjoy your off-work time in The Netherlands. Outdoor activities can range from cycling over the famed Dutch cycling lanes, where you are safe from cars to walking in beautiful nature reserves just a few minutes form where you live. If our expat housing Netherlands approach taught us anything, it is that work-life is where you look for it.

We want to share this experience with you and assure that your stay in the Netherlands starts positively at the first of introductions, with our expat housing Netherlands plan.

We deliver our services all over the Netherlands, including the Eemshaven, Maasvlakte, Beverwijk and Amsterdam area.

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