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Expat huisvesting Rotterdam

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Rotterdam is one of the major logistical and industrial hubs in Western Europe. Approximately 1,000 foreign companies from all over the world have already chosen Rotterdam as their base for European and worldwide business activities. This makes Rotterdam a vital center of commerce, knowledge and services; but also vibrant with culture and activity. 2ndhome4u has initiated the expat housing Rotterdam plan to take the challenge out of finding proper housing for you as an expat of your fellow expat employees. The rules for expats Rotterdam housing can be complicated due to commune restrictions. With our expats Rotterdam housing rental plan, we find the appropriate housing for you. [/container_two_third]

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Expat Housing Rotterdam


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Expat Housing Netherlands


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Expat Housing Rotterdam

Our approach for the expat Rotterdam housing plan is to match the lifestyle of the expats to our services. This makes the living experience much more pleasant for the expat and make it much more easy to get adapted quickly, get productive and enjoy the stay in the Netherlands. Our expat housing Rotterdam plan also offers solid B2B propositions that help Site Supervisors save time and trouble since they no longer need to cope with the troubles of housing their crew. 2ndhome4u’s expat Rotterdam housing plan offer transparent conditions and no surprises afterwards. We bring the homeowner directly in contact with the customer, there are no monthly intermediary fees.

We work in your favor.

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