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huisvesting Rotterdam

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2ndhome4u has offered Rotterdam housing services to fit the project worker’s housing needs since we started business 7 years ago. 2ndhome4u offers economical housing Rotterdam services with keen attention to the comfort, safety and well being of the project worker. We distinguish ourselves by providing transparent and time saving B2B Rotterdam housing services for the site supervisors and site managers.

We are easy to do business with and we take the strain of finding housing Rotterdam accommodations for your crew that fits the way they work, life and spend their leisure time.


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Housing Rotterdam


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Housing Rotterdam

Since we have ample experience with all the different nationalities of project workers, we can strike the right tone when we select their housing Rotterdam houses and answer to their requests. In case you have crews that are using combined transport, our Rotterdam housing plan supports smart logistics to accommodate your crew close together as to enable efficient logistics. The houses 2ndhome4u selects are fully furnished and have internet available, the houses are clean and well maintained as to give your creew the best housing Rotterdam experience possible.

We are at your service.

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