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The feasibility:

This business proposition is written based on the vision with which we have successfully operated third-party homes in the Netherlands over the past 10 years. With the acquired knowledge, experience and ambition to take real estate in its own portfolio, to rent it out in order to realize a sale. With this portfolio we can meet the demand from the market more quickly and adequately, taking into account what we see happening in the market, so that we can anticipate it.   From 2008 to March 2020, we have been focusing more and more on large accommodation projects as well as commercial project development on behalf of various organizations. Our main tasks were determining the financial feasibility and return of projects, performing risk analysis, acquiring the rental property to expand the portfolio, performing cold acquisition at the customers, selling the service package, drawing up and assessing the rental agreements, applying for permits where necessary, to setting up housing management activities.   In recent years, we have realized a return per year for various home owners between 7% -10%. Despite the volatile market situation, we still strive to achieve no lower than 7% return. This requires a continuous change in business strategies.   These projects included a residential portfolio of more than 500 homes spread across the Netherlands. Most of these homes were mediated to both national and international employers to accommodate foreign employees (expats) for various projects across the country

OUR portfolio

The construction projects were carried out on behalf of companies such as Electrabel, Alstom, Akzo, Ahold and their foreign subcontractors. The projects varied from building new power stations such as Maxima Centrale in Lelystad in collaboration with Alstom for Electrabel. NUON / Enercon in Eemshaven, Wind turbines in Flevoland, petrochemical projects on the Maasvlakte and more locally, seasonal flex workers houses for supermarket logistics centers.

For the realization of the first distribution center of fashion giant Inditex outside Spain in Lelystad, at the Lelystad Airport Business Park to be precise, we have successfully brokered homes to the various Inditex employees as well as the employees of subcontractors. The houses that we have in portfolio are also brokered to the companies that carry out the ironing work to the various countries where Zara’s clothing is delivered.

A number of these expats will become new residents of Lelystad and Almere. For Flevoland this means a new economy with new cultural changes and customs, such as language and eating / living habits.

Almere has a number of initiatives aimed at future employment and economic growth. The infrastructural projects must be ready for the Floriade world horticultural exhibition in 2022.
Lelystad is interesting because of the junction for traffic via road, rail and water. That is why many international groups choose Flevoland as their commercial base

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